Lux Verde strives to make sure we meet our guest’s accessibility needs.
While you are at Lux Verde, we care about providing you the best services and comfort. We treat all our tourists as our unique customers regardless of any disabilities. We make sure that all our amenities and services are easily accessible to all our customers.

ADA Accessible Rooms: Lux Verde provides you with comfortable and spacious guest non-smoking guest rooms. We have a comfort single king bed and a comfort double queen bed. The rooms have a private bathroom with a 36″ door; a shower, a Toilet with grab rails, and a hand shower. The rooms have a TV with CC capability, coffee maker, iron board, refrigerator, and a hairdryer.

The rooms in each building are readily accessible from the exterior of the hotel. The main lobby doors are commercial 36″ double doors, and the semi-accessible room doors are 36″. Each accessible room has a convenient parking spot located in the vicinity of the place. Accessible parking is also available near the lobby for check-in and to access the restaurant. The restaurant attached to the hotel’s front lobby is accessible from the front lobby entrance with accessible entry door of 36″. Also, we have TTY available for guest use.

 Our hotel’s primary goal is to provide the best hospitality to all the people, including people with disabilities. We believe in treating each of our guests as special as they are.

 We believe in providing an easy-to-use online experience for all guests. Our website is designed in a way that all the visitors can surf it quickly regardless of ability.

 Our hotel has ADA accessible rooms that are easily accessible on the website.

 If you have difficulty acquiring information or booking our hotel, we would be happy to help you.

 If you have any questions or would like to report any issues related to our hotel’s accessibility features, please contact any of our Front Desk Agents at 928-634-4207

Property Accessibility Features ~
ADA Accessible Rooms
Wheelchair accessible